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Hello My Name Is...

Deidre Hepburn

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Hello My Name Is...

Sharol Ellerbe


Hello All,
My name is Deidre K Hepburn. I have been teaching for the past 26 years. I now teach kindergarten at Clio Elementary School, Clio SC..

I am married and we have one son who just got married 6-8-19. I love children and I love contributing back to my community from which I got mine from. If has been my pleasure have served the Clio area for 2 years.

Sharol Ellerbe is my assistant . She has been helping to mold young children's minds for the past 15 years which she has given 5 of those years to the Marlboro County School System.

She is married and has three young adults. We look forward to working with you and your child this school year. We are the H/E Heroes 2020-21.

Mrs. D. K. Hepburn/ Mrs. S. M. Ellerbe
Kindergarten, Clio Elementary School
Clio, S.C. 29525

..... You can teach a child how to think not what to think.......





7:15-8:20-------- Enter school, go to classroom, unpack, eat breakfast, log in to google meet

8:20-8:30--------allow all students to either eat at home and log in by 8:30 or eat at school and log in

8:30-10:30-------Ela time, Letter Land, Read Aloud, Writing Name and Alphabets as we go through

Letter Land

10:15-10:25------- Bath room, water, etc.

10:30-11:05------- Math

11:05-1:20 Lunch, recess, exploratory

1:20-2:00------- Complete math lesson and assign homework

2:00-2:15-------- Assign all homework answer any questions or assist students who need to be it.

2:15 2:50--------- Available to take phone calls from parents/ babysitters/ etc. to answer any questions

or concerns they may have.

2:50-3:00--------Dismissal of students for the day, car riders, walkers, bus riders

3:00-3:10--------Dismissal for teachers

Parents the time that you may call is 2:15-2:50 only unless an emergency comes up please. Other times we are online with our students teaching a lesson. We are teaching every day except Wednesdays.

Thank you in advance,